Preparing For University & Beyond

We invite our students to start thinking about university or college as soon as they arrive, and begin in-depth career planning in grade 9. We offer a variety of resources for SAT preparation and other post-secondary tests. And with the University of Prince Edward Island in our backyard, students have ample opportunity to experience university life on a weekly basis.  
Mount Academy University prep

Personal Development

We’re dedicated to educating students who want to better themselves and make a difference in the world. To support this, we take a holistic approach and develop activities centered on self-awareness, personal growth and real-world impact. We encourage our students to chase their dreams and help each other reach desired goals.

Learning Strategies

Whenever necessary, we offer flexible course schedules and personal learning plans that allow students to progress at their optimal pace. We also have unique learning spaces to facilitate deeper focus. Synergy Classroom, for example, is a flexible space where academics and athletics come together for a unique learning environment.

Meet the Faculty

We have some of the most caring, dedicated and hard-working instructors in today’s education system.