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Varied Athletic Programs and Recreation

For Every Student at Every Level of Sport
We believe it’s important to have well-rounded athletes who are able to compete in different kinds of sports. As a result, multisport is mandatory at Mount Academy and we ensure there are plenty of alternative skill development programs to choose from. Whether that’s soccer or golf in the fall, basketball or skiing in the winter, or biking or hiking in the spring, we ensure there’s something for everyone no matter the season.

Athletic Activities

Health & Fitness
Horseback Riding
Field Hockey
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Health & Fitness
Golf Skills
Hockey Skills

Health & Fitness
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Sports Snapshot

Mount Academy is a recognized Hockey Canada Sport school and we pride ourselves in training and competing at an elite level. We have both male and female prep hockey teams across many age levels and experienced coaches who understand the sport inside and out.
The Mount Academy Golf Program is a co-curricular program that operates during our 40 week school calendar from early September to the end of May. It is a comprehensive program involving all elements of the game and we ask our golf program students to remain committed and give their best effort at all times.
Our soccer program is a skills-based program designed to complement local club teams and elite provincial programs so students can continue to train and practice while attending school. Students learn the basics and benefit from video analysis and custom instruction. 
Mount Academy’s Health and Wellness program is a co-curricular program that takes place throughout the school year. We created it to allow students to explore athletic options and promote physical stamina. We encourage students to stay active and focus on their nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Complete Student Health & Wellness

At Mount Academy, we understand that it takes a comprehensive approach to cultivate successful students and athletes. Research shows that healthy, happy children have increased capacity to learn and develop the values, attitudes and skills necessary to be competent and resilient adults.
We place great emphasis on health and wellness—covering everything from nutritional education and social development to mental health awareness and fitness training. 
Together, these practices create a ripple effect that boost self-esteem and confidence levels in our students. From day one, we encourage each of them to believe in their greatness, stretch beyond their limits and reach their highest potential. As educators, coaches and leaders, we strive to promote a culture of wellness and walk the walk every day.

High Performance Sport

Strength conditioning and flexibility can make all the difference between success and failure in competitive sports.