Student Life

Safety &

Commitment to Student Well-Being

We believe that every child is capable of success and they will benefit from the support of our knowledgeable and compassionate educators. Our attentive learning environment always has their best interests in mind, as we provide guidance and help your child find balance within their journey.

Faculty Advisors

Members of our faculty are highly motivated and carry a deep understanding of nurturing a balanced lifestyle. Each student at Mount Academy has their very own faculty advisor to help them navigate through their student journey, and are available to talk anytime a need arises.


Our coaches are dedicated professionals with both athletic experience and a strong desire for excellence. From mental coaching to high performances training, we approach athletics as comprehensively as we approach academics. We always consider the important balance of students’ physical, mental and emotional strength required to achieve optimal level results.

Students Helping Students

Peer support amongst students has been shown to be mutually beneficial for both parties involved. As such, it’s become a crucial part of the educational model at Mount Academy. Integration of students from different grade levels often occurs intentionally, and we encourage students to lean on their peers for support as much as possible.


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