Stephen Champion
Head of School
Mount Academy was created to support student-athletes in achieving goals, both academically, and athletically and that mission remains unchanged. The support comes in many ways, through honesty, respect and the discipline that comes from joining a community and working daily to be better. A daily pledge by all to be a kinder, thoughtful, more capable presence. Sometimes, we will make mistakes, but as a collective, working together to support each other. As Mount students move on to the next chapters of their academic and athletic journeys, I wish them the best and hope they carry the experiences and sense of community that is Mount Academy with them throughout their education journey. Once a Saint, always a Saint!

Elevating the Student Experience

As you step onto our campus, it won’t be long before you realize Mount Academy is a special place. Whether it’s interacting with people of all ages, attending guest lectures, or discovering our scenic landscape, you’ll tap into a part of yourself that is ready to explore.

Our Purpose

Our purpose stems from a collective desire to create a school where students realize their greatest potential—on their own terms. From the competitive athlete who wants to train during the day, to the highly motivated student who wants to experience hands-on professional growth. We encourage every student to strive for a balanced lifestyle.

Why Choose Mount Academy?

Mount Academy is a community of caring, intelligent and dedicated people who share a common goal: to prepare students for a lifetime of success and positive impact in their communities. From the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to educating students who want to better themselves while making a difference in the world.

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