Our People

At Mount Academy, we have caring, dedicated and hard-working people supporting our students. They’re deeply committed to quality instructional practices, innovative curriculum delivery, challenging athletic programs, and adventurous extracurricular activities.
Rebecca Babiak

U16 Girl's Head Coach

Rebecca is the Head Coach of the U16 Girl's team.


Brett McNeill

Instructor | High School Student Life Coordinator

Brett McNeill teaches grades 11/12 chemistry, biology and pre-calculus math. Brett also coordinates student life activities for high school students.


Stephen Champion is co-founder and chief operating officer at Mount Academy
Stephen Champion

Chief Operating Officer

Stephen Champion is a co-founder of Mount Academy and the Chief Operating Officer.


Chris Aiken

Assistant Head of School, Junior High | U15 Head Coach | Instructor

Chris Aiken teaches grade 9 social studies, English language arts, exploratory and health. He is also the Junior High Assistant Head of School, as well as the coach of the U15 Boy's Team.


Christa Arnold

Instructor | Student Life Assistant

Christa Arnold teaches grade 10 science and math, as well as grade 12 physics. Christa also assists the student life coordinators in planning events and activities for students.


Cody Anthony

U18 Head Coach | Skills Coach

Cody Anthony is the U18 Men's Hockey Team Head Coach, as well as the Junior Skills program coach.


Connor Murphy

Instructor | Student Life Assistant

Connor Murphy teaches grades 11/12 foundational math, environmental science, grade 11 biology and physics. Connor also assists the student life coordinators in planning events and activities for students.


Emma Weatherbie

U18 Women's Assistant Coach

Emma Weatherbie is the assistant coach of the U18 Women's Hockey Team.

Olivier Filion

Director of Male Hockey | U17 Head Coach

Olivier Filion is the Director of Male Hockey, as well as the U17 Men's Hockey Team Head coach.


Bailey Green

Instructor | Student Life Coordinator Junior High

Bailey Green teaches grades 7/8 science, math and health. Bailey also coordinates student life activities for junior high students. She is also a Registered Dietician and provides nutritional services to students.


Nelson MacAulay

Instructor | Goalie Development Coach

Nelson MacAulay teaches grades 11/12 history and visual arts. Nelson is also the Goalie Development Coach for all Academy teams and goalie skills participants.


Kenny MacDougall

Headmaster | Director of Female Hockey

Kenny MacDougall is the Headmaster of Mount Academy. He is also the Director of Female Hockey and the Head Coach of the U18 Women's Hockey Team.


Travis MacIsaac is a mental coach with Mount Academy in PEI.
Travis MacIsaac

Director of Mental Skills and Athlete Monitoring

Travis MacIsaac is a fitness trainer at Synergy Fitness and trains students in the various athletic programs at Mount Academy.


Kris MacPhee is the director of performance for the Mount Academy in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Kris MacPhee

Director of Athletic Performance

Kris MacPhee is the owner and operator of Synergy Fitness. Kris oversees the athletic training for all programming at Mount Academy.


Marshall Mayne

Instructor | U17 Assistant Coach

Marshall Mayne teaches grade 10 English language arts, history, writing and career explorations. Marshall is also the assistant coach of the U17 Men's Hockey team.


Julia Ross

Assistant Head of School, Senior High | Instructor

Julia Ross teaches grades 11/12 English Language Arts and Writing. Julia is also the grade 12 academic advisor and Assistant Head of School, Senior High.


Stephanie Stewart

Instructor | Wellness Program Coordinator

Stephanie Stewart teaches grade 9 math and science. Stephanie also coordinates the Wellness Program.


Tim MacPhee

Business & Finance Manager | U15 Assistant Coach

Tim MacPhee is the manager of business operations and finance. Tim is also the assistant coach of the U15 Boy's Hockey team.


Integrated Sport Science Team

Kris MacPhee, M.SS, BA, CFSC
Director of Performance 
Travis MacIsaac, MSc. HB
Director of Mental Skills & Athlete Monitoring  
Bailey Green, RD
Registered Dietitian 
Morgan Campbell, Kin, CSCS
Director of High Performance & Education