Core Curriculum

The Province of Prince Edward Island follows a comprehensive suite of courses for the public school system.  This curriculum works as a platform for Mount Academy's programming. This allows new students to join at any time and ensures that students are prepared for standardized provincial assessments.

By using the provincial curriculum as a base, adopting best practices from other progressive schools and understanding how students learn, Mount Academy students are well-prepared for any future path they choose.

Curriculum Groups
English, Math, Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics), Social Studies (History), Fitness, Writing, French (Written and Verbal Communication), Career Explorations, and Electives.
Professional Program Electives
Mount Academy's curriculum offers introductory courses in Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Law Enforcement, Pharmacy, Business and Nutrition. Courses are facilitated by practitioners from industry.

Creative Approach

We’ve built our academic program on the foundation of a solid provincial curriculum while incorporating our own educational philosophies and beliefs. We deliver the courses in explorative learning environments and our top priorities are student interaction and community  engagement. Fundamental to this approach is monitoring each student's progress and partaking in regular reflection and goal setting exercises.

Academic Best Practices

Mount Best Practice creations are designed to engage students in the learning process in which they develop personal and professional skills for university and their life beyond. This focus is on project-based activities and exposure to real-world learning with local businesses and charitable organizations. 

Upper School Schedule

—2018/19 w/course groups
Term 1

1. English
2. Math
3. Science (Science or Chemistry)
4. Social Studies (E/FI)
5. High Performance Fitness (full year course 36 weeks)

Term 2

6. Math
7. Science (Science, Biology or Physics)
8. Communication (Writing or French)
9. Career Explorations (CEO or elective)
10. High Performance Fitness (full year course 36 weeks)

Term 3

11. Math (2 pathways) or Professional Elective/Coop
12. Elective (Provincial curriculum list)
13. High Performance Fitness (full year course 36 weeks) 

Notes on Curriculum:
For the third trimester, students may continue in math studies in one of two pathways; accelerated or remedial or select one of the Mount's professional program electives or co-op options. They must also choose a provincial curriculum elective in consultation with their faculty advisor (subjects to be determined based on student demand and course availability). 
1. Allows for a three week Christmas Break, a one week Spring Break in Term 2 and four excursion days throughout the year for offsite outdoor learning. There is no extended break before the third trimester starts, however statutory holidays for April provide for.

2. HP Fitness is a mandatory year long credit course. Students will learn to plan, execute and monitor their physical and mental development. Training staff will provide feedback and adjustments in real time throughout the course.

Student Support

From small class sizes to personal learning plans, students are elevated to their highest potential at Mount Academy.