Mount Academy


Learning at Mount Academy

At Mount Academy, learning is a way of life. It’s a place where students are encouraged to engage, explore and elevate their sense of wonder. Our experienced and caring faculty are always present to help—as teachers, coaches, counsellors, and mentors. We share a common desire for discovery and are dedicated to helping every student learn in a way that is most effective for each individual.

Engaging Environment

Sitting on an 18-acre campus, our intergenerational community encourages experiential learning and provides opportunities for engagement that can’t be studied in a classroom alone. From nature walks and visits with the senior residents, to guest lectures and sporting events, students have countless opportunities to expand their horizons.

Personal Development

We’re dedicated to educating students who want to better themselves and make a difference in the world. To support this, we take a holistic approach and develop activities centered on self-awareness, personal growth and real-world impact. We encourage our students to chase their dreams and help each other reach desired goals.
What Students Are Saying


Our curriculum invites students to tap into their curiosity, explore the world around them, and achieve great results.